Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't wanna miss it

I didn't want March to pass me by without a post, so here is a quick one.  I actually made several cards this month, they were all St. Patrick's Day cards and the original was posted on this blog several months ago so I didn't want to repost the same design. I also created a birthday card for an Aunt of mine, it's pictured below.

I also updated a few pages in my Smash Book but that was just memorabilia that I didn't want to lose.

Daughter #3 and I went on spring break to Houston a few weeks ago so I have plenty from that trip to scrapbook, it's just finding time to do it.

I did spend several hours in my craft room yesterday, but that was mostly cleaning and organizing.

Daughter #1 and I went to Memories Scrapbooking Expo on Friday 3/23. We were both a little disappointed in the show.  There just didn't seem to be a lot of make-and-takes and what was there wasn't what we were interested in.  There seemed to be 2 different types of make-and-takes, one involving glitter and glitz and the other cards that quite honestly, didn't seem as nice as what I make (and mine are not all that). We were thinking maybe because we went on a Friday and not Saturday, like last year. We'll have to go back to Saturday next year, but go early.

I have been gathering materials for Easter cards and with the hubby in Canada this week, I am hoping to get them done.

So, that's my update for March hopefully I will be back soon.