Monday, November 17, 2014

Trying to keep current

Daughter #1 and I went to Joanne's on Friday night and I bought more Christmas flannel to make bibs.  I did not however, do any sewing this weekend.  I'll try and get out there soon so I can send the bibs out before Christmas. Also want to get started on my Christmas cards (yeah like I'm going to get those out on time).

I was a little disappointed by Archivers this weekend.  Received a $5 off on a $5 purchase so I went on-line and purchased a 6x6 paper pad from Doodlebug Designs and two matching embellishment packs to start my Christmas cards with.  Well, received an email from them (after I received confirmation) that the paper pad and one of the embellishments was sold out. "But don't worry" their email said, the rest of my order is on its way.  Great, I have a package of embellishments coming and no matching paper to create the cards with.  Thanks Archivers.  Why when I purchased the items did it not tell me they were already sold out? Other things that I wanted to purchase that were sold out, told me that when I tried to place them in my shopping cart.  I miss the brick and mortar Archivers, I don't think I'm going to give on-line another chance, too disappointing.

I did manage to make three sympathy cards on Sunday.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Slow time right now

Haven't been out in the scrapbook room in a while.  I need to soon however, I need to make a tag for a raffle donation and a couple of cards.

I made several gender neutral burp cloths for an auction at work.  I ended up liking the fabric more than I thought I would.

Isn't that rabbit fabric the cutest?

I recently purchased a Dritz Heavy Duty Snap Fastener kit so that I could put snaps on items. I branched out and made a couple of bibs.  I didn't get a picture of the one but here is the second bib I made for a co-worker's little girl.

Need to start thinking about the holidays.  Right now I don't have any plans for making gifts, but that always changes when I start seeing things on the internet and in magazines about home made gifts.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Just a quick pic

Made these girl burp clothes last week for a co-worker.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This past weekend

Okay, see I'm really trying to keep current with this now.  Also, something wacky happened when I posted my last blog post, I must have had one in drafts and when I published the new blog it posted them both so it looks crazy with the Thanksgiving one posting before the most current one.

Here are two of the three cards I made this weekend. I have a friend who asked me to make her a wedding card, I liked both designs so let her choose.  She chose both! :)

The third card I made was for a faculty member. He told me on Friday that he and his wife are expecting their first child next spring, so I made this card for them.

I also bought gender neutral fabric on Saturday and plan on making some burp cloths to donate to an auction that we have at work to raise money for a secret santa project.

I am going to make some girly burp cloths this week to give to a friend next weekend.

Friday, September 26, 2014


November…that was the last time I posted?? That's crazy. The good news is, that was not the last time I created…just posted. So this post will feature a lot of pictures because for documentation sake, I want to get them posted. I will try to do them in chronological order because it makes sense but, I may mess it up a little depending on where all my photos are stored.

So,  creations since November…aside from spray painting some pumpkins, I don't think I created any new items to add to my fall decorating, but below are the three areas I did decorate in my home.

 Entry way table

Family room mantle

Family room tv console

I did create a new cookie/bar recipe this fall.  My sister was talking about the spice bars from a local bakery that had closed and how much she missed them.  I started fooling around with some pumpkin and spice bar recipes that I had used in the past and came up with one that was really, really close to what I remember from the bakery.

I'll have to find the recipe at home and add it later.

I also came to a very important discover in November.  I missed my paper calendar.  I have my iCal and my Google calendar, but I realized that I used my paper planner for so much more.  I would write down things that had happened or things that I wanted to remember that a computer calendar just couldn't do, so after almost a year of no paper planner, I purchased one.  Needless to say -- I'm happy again. 

I threw together this Christmas card holder using some left over jute from a upholstery job I did and found a wooden star daughter #1 had for some reason.  It didn't look too bad and gave us someplace to put all the cards.

I also managed to get my Christmas cards out before Christmas this year.  I had several left over from last year and added this new one to the mix.

The bad thing about waiting so long to post, I cannot remember who the paper was from.

We had a exceptionally cold and snowy winter here and as a result it seemed our wonderful neighbors were always plowing our driveway for us.

We were forecasted to receive quite a snowfall on a Saturday, so I stopped by the store on the way home Friday night to pick up supplies for the weekend and they had blackberries for $1.00 a carton so I picked up several.  That next morning as promised, we had 18" of snowfall and our neighbors had their work cut out for them.  As a thank you, I made this blackberry buckle and delivered it to them nice and hot.  

I don't want to go a year

Okay, several times during the past several months, I attempted to update the blog but would stop to organize pictures, find out dates, all sorts of things. So, I'm now going to update the blog with all of my creations over the past 9 months but, not in chronological order. Just as I have the pictures, I'm posting them. So, here it goes...

Last February....these are the cards I made to send out.

At this late date, I'll love to list the manufacturers' but the only one I know for sure is pic 3 is Teresa Collins' You are my happy.

Also, sadly Archiver's announced it was closing around this time and daughter #1 and I went and did their Make and Take for valentines. The cards we made are below and as you can see above the "I love you to the moon and back" was quite popular and cute!

A friend of a friend of daughter #1 sent this mesh wreath for Valentines Day so I made a few little items to decorate the mantle with.

real simple painted block with some leftover burlap and wooden folk heart.

 Washi tape, feathers, and styrofoam hearts made cute Cupids arrows.

This was actually a clearance picture at Joannes that read "Bath" or something like that. I spray painted it silver then modge podged scrapbook paper on it.

Another one of my clearance finds, this time from Hobby Lobby. The clearance sticker on the back read 78 cents. I cut it open and placed valentines paper and scrabble letters - and created this cute picture.

For Valentines, I gave all my faculty sugar cookies from Cheryl's and gave my new faculty member one of my buckwheat heart shaped heating pads. I made a pair of earrings for another faculty member.

Opps forgot, before Valentines Day, daughter #3 and my baby turned 21! She was born on Groundhogs Day so this is her card I made.

Someone had an anniversary, can't think of who at this moment...but this is the card I made.

Here are the Easter cards I made this year.

Bought the cards below a few years ago but wasn't sure how to decorate them and have the die-cut rabbit look right.  This is what I came up with.

Here are several other cards that I made throughout the year...

Had a girl who danced with mine experiencing problems during her pregnancy, made this when she was hospitalized but, never got to send it because she went into labor and delivered 3 months early.  All is well with the baby, so instead of this card, she got one of the It's A Girl cards I made (see below).

These three cards were from a Make and Take at Scrapbook Art.

Baby Boy cards. I hand cut everything on this card, so I made multiples.

Baby Girl cards. I've already sent out two of these, should make more soon.

Happy Birthday cards for ??? I can't remember.

This was a graduation card I made for a co-workers daughter.

This was the card I made for an older couple that we would see at Bingo when we ran the schools' program.

I made this wreath for our front door. It took about three skeins of Lion brand - fun fir yarn. I also bought a yard long piece of fabric trim and cut the daises from it and pinned them to the styrofoam wreath form.

Daughter #2 graduated from college and we had her boyfriends family over to the house following graduation, so these are the decorations I made for the mantle.

This was my first time working with burlap.  It was a mess but I liked the way the wreath turned out.

The Varsity D.

I also found a cute little banner kit at Michaels' so this was easy to put together.

This is a birthday card I made for a friend who was born on July 4th.

These are all of the Fourth of July cards I made to send out. I know that some of the paper was Doodlebugs and some was Authentic but I don't know them all right off the top of my head.

These little fire crackers was a project 2-years in the making. Last year, I go the wood cut but didn't get them finished in time for the holiday.  This year, I finished four sets of them, but didn't get them handed to whom I wanted because they hired someone new and I didn'tt have enough for the whole office, so I currently have 4 sets.

I made the banner on the mantle from Authentic's Anchored collection and some foam stars I had on hand from table decorations past.

Oaky, so I didn't create fire but---I built this fire and only with one match, kindling and wood. I was proud of myself.  The hubby uses fire logs. ;)

Daughter #2 got engaged this summer and her fiancĂ©'s parents threw them an Engagement Party. Here are the invitations I made.  I ended up purchasing an Cuttlebug and a We R Memory Keepers doily die.  That and a little bakers twin and we were ready to mail.

Here are several things I threw together to sit out at the party.

I used a burlap canvas and glued a map of Pittsburgh (his hometown), a map of Granville (where they met) and a map of Pataskala (her hometown). Popped the whole thing in a frame and instant decorations!

Wow, just like that, we are up to this week! Since fall was just around the corner, I whipped this wreath together and took down the summer one. It was super simple. The flowers actually have clips on them so I didn't even need to glue them down.

I had a baby shower for a co-worker this week and have been wanting to make these burp rags for a long time.  When to Joanne's and bought several different patterns of flannel and some Gerber diapers from Walmart, and I whipped up five of these in no time at all.

I still have several pieces of "girly" flannel to make for a faculty member that had a little girl earlier this summer.  Daughter #1 and I are going to see her next week (I think) so guess what I'll be doing this weekend.

I also have a few wedding cards to put together (I'll try and not take 10 months to post).

There are a few other things that I have done over the past several months (particularly these handy little chair back bags I made for my sister), but either can't find the pictures or I forgot to take pictures. Either way, if I find them, I'll post.

Hey - finally got my niece to send a picture of the chair back bags I made.  The color is a little off, but you get the idea.