Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Banging my head against the Google wall

I haven't posted in awhile as I have been experiencing trouble logging into the blogger site.  My company migrated to Google mail a little more than a year ago and since then, when I go to log into Blogger, it brings my company email page up.  Of course the account I used to create my blog is not a google account so I try logging in with the original account and it tells me that my password is wrong. I try logging in with my gmail account and it tells me I don't have administrative access. Today, I tried logging into my account with my original (non-google) account and password and it let me. Okay, Im just going to go with it and upload all of my projects I have created since last time I blogged.

First up, Christmas Cards - 2014

Only made one thing for gifts this year, made body pillowcases for Daughter #2 as she had moved to her own place and didn't have any that matched the bedding. 

Made a few bibs for the babies of friends.

 And boy burp clothes for the new baby boy of a neighbor.

Made this little gift card box for my mom's gift this year. Found a package in the $ section of Target with four of these little brown craft boxes.

 Also spray painted a bright pink lantern that #1 Daughter got me a nice flat black and decorated it for Christmas.

Branched out from bibs and made a couple of scarfs for my great-nephew.

#2 daughter is getting married next spring and this was the gift we made for her to ask her bridesmaids and maid of honor.

I made these little things for the female coworkers for Valentines Day.

Here are several cards I made for different people.


 Someone at my husband's work

 Former co-worker

Co worker

Made this cute little gift card holder from supplies gotten in the dollar section at Target. A coworker and his wife were expecting their first child.

And here are the burb cloths, baby blanket and card I made for little Kiran.

A few little Thinking of You cards for co-workers of my husband.

Made these gift card holders for a co-worker to give to her son's preschool teachers on the last day of school.

Couple of birthday cards for some friends.

Spent a Saturday out in the craft room and knocked out 15 burp cloths for future gifts (female, male and gender neutral).

For my husband on Fathers Day...

Lots of babys being born between my workplace and the hubbies so I restocked on baby cards. This is the girl card I made (x4) plus I made the sail boat boy cards too.

More burp cloths and bibs.

A "Buckeye" birthday card for a friend in Georgia.

Unfortunately, also had to restock my Sympathy cards.

Made a new page for my office wall.  All kids are now through college! Whoop Whoop!!

#1 daughter was making a few of these for friends and I thought they were cute, so I made a few to add to my stash.

Pitas! I tried my hand again at yeast.  Didn't go so well the first time, but this time things are much better.  Since making the pita, I have also made stromboli!

And finally, a bridal shower card for an Auburn graduate.