Friday, February 19, 2010

Senior Poster

Been slowly working on the senior poster that I need to make for my daughter. Got the pictures printed and picked up over a week ago. Made my weekly trip to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and got coordinating paper, sticky back felt, embellishments and even managed to pick up the Mickey font cartridge for my Cricut on clearance for $25.00. I get so caught up in the "want it to be perfect" mindset that I freeze up when it comes to committing paper-to-paper. I did finally print the captions that are going under each picture, I have the pictures "kinda" where I think they should go and the title letters are not only cut-out but pop dots are in place and the sides have been inked. So tonight...matte the pictures, trim the title blocks and attach everything to the poster board. It has to be ready for tomorrow night so this is it.
I did it! Finished the poster in plenty of time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still creating

I have been a little stalled lately but, haven't stopped altogether. We have had large amounts of snow fall (28"+ in a week) and the weather forecast calls for more by Sunday. I keep telling myself I will use this time to create but have ran into a new dilemma. I need a certain shade of cardstock (actually 2 shades) and the scrapbook store has been closed because of the weather. Hmmm.... I have been scheduled to teach a class on March 7. They want to see a sample. Racked my brain trying to think of something "new and exciting". In my efforts I actually finished two cute little matchbook scrapbooks I did for my daughters and their boyfriends. Will probably turn into valentine presents...who knows. Anyways, i have decided to stop trying to re-invent the wheel. Remember - "keep it simple!" so, I am going to turn in a squash book as the project for March. I've made tons of these before and even did this at a Days of Creation when my children were in elementary school.

I also have a board I need to do for my daughter for Senior Night at her high school. I have the idea pretty much fleshed out. The title is going to be She is and it will be pictures of all the different things she has been involved with her senior year (scholar, volunteer, teacher, dancer, cheerleader, etc.) I have the pictures, I have sticky felt for the letters, I need to get card stock to matte the pictures to and to put the titles on. I also want to make some paper flowers to decorate it that I found on Kaiser Crafts. They look like a cross between pom poms and flowers.

Plus, just getting out her dance pictures made me realize that I need to start and finish her dance scrapbook (15 years worth) before the beginning of May. I also need to start on designing her graduation announcements and ordering her senior pictures. She thinks shes busy...I may be done by oh next May when child number 4 graduates!