Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick note to end November

I am in the process of uploading my iPhone pics to my Shutterfly account so I can clear them off. Took this picture the other night.  Husband came home and asked for a card for a co-worker that had a baby. I said sure no problem; asked him what she had…he couldn't remember.  So, I made two cards - one of each, told him to take them both to work and return the one he didn't use…such a man. Anyway, here they are:

Oh, it was a boy born at 26 weeks. His name is Gage and weighs 2.5 lbs so prayers would be appreciated.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Crafting the month away

I've managed to keep myself busy for the past month doing crafting, decorating, cooking etc. I have a lot of pictures to post so I'll jump right in.

The first two pictures are from my home. I decorated the entryway to our home and the mantle from our family room for the fall.

Also had Thanksgiving cards to finish up and mail.

Daughter #1 and I went to a Make-and-Take a few weeks ago and here are the Christmas cards  I made.

Then during Thanksgiving Break, daughter #3 and I made chocolate covered cherries. Here she is getting ready to roll a cherry.

And finally, we started decorating for Christmas this past week.  We purchased the tree last week, but haven't brought it in the house yet (it's about 11' tall).  We always put it in the same spot in our family room where a bookcase sits, so this year, I went and replaced all the "family" pictures that are usually there with "family Christmas" pictures. I also saw a frame at Hobby Lobby that was entitled Santa and me (and you were to place pictures of your children with Santa) but, the frame was tacky so I purchased a frame from Garden Ridge and put a picture of each of my children sitting on Santa's lap when they were a baby. I also pinned a craft on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago that I thought would look good in our family room so I recreated it myself and hung it yesterday.

There is still alot of decorating and baking to do, we'll be busy for the next week or so.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm sure by now, everyone is aware of this tiny little time waster called Pinterest. Speaking for my family of females -- that's a resounding YES!

I have been going through board after board, pinning like crazy for not only Fall/Halloween but now Christmas, and am thinking of hundreds of different things I want to do to my home for the holiday season.

One thing I am trying to learn is how to "pin" something that doesn't have the "Pin It" icon.  I am actually using this blog space as a tester because I found this picture on a website that did not have a pin it option on this picture and I want to recreate this for my home. So this is actually going to be a test. If successful the picture below of Oh Christmas Tree will soon be residing (cyberly) on my Christmas Pin it Board. :) Wish me luck.

Oh and one other cool thing. I actually found something I created pinned on someone's board. How weird was that?  I cruising along in Pinterest and found something I actually created.  Wow!