Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've been busy

Even though it's spring break...I have been so busy. I just finished up a 3 day photography class (see images above). It had a lot of homework tied to it and accomplished much. In addition to that, I have created 4 layouts for my daughters dance scrapbook.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Joined Club CK

Okay - joined Club CK today. Wasn't sure I was going to. Seemed pricey for something I wasn't sure I would get anything out of but, received information in the mail and $5.00 off so I did it. We'll see if it was worth it or not. One thing I did was create an electronic signature (?) not sure if it worked or not so thought I would create a new blog entry and try to place it in here.

Here it goes. It worked!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Out did myself

Alas, I did not do 2 layouts in 2 days...I DID 3 LAYOUTS IN 1 NIGHT! Even I am shocked. Received Shutterfly order yesterday so after making beef and broccoli (from scratch!) for dinner, I hit the scrapbook room. I finally completed a layout for Amanda's book - it was her college acceptance letter. Just in time I guess, she graduates college in less than 2 months and Cait's acceptance letter from the same college is due here Friday (fingers crossed). But it is done so there! I also completed the Meet the Team page for Cait's cheer book and did an additional page with the ads that were placed in the Winter Sports Program. Granted that 3rd page was just me mounting a large and small ad onto a piece of cardstock but hey, it's a page in her book so it counts!

Won't be doing any layouts tonight - got a ball game. Our boys go for District Semi-finals tonight so I will be there supporting them and Cait and taking pictures for more pages!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Started the week off scrapbooking (sorta). Taught a class yesterday on squash/explosion books. Had four sign up but one showed up. That's okay - got paid for the 4. Copied the picture of the sample I made from the stores website. It is a cute little book. I've probably made at least 50 of these in the past several years. They make cute little gifts.

Going to be a very busy week. Have a department meeting tonight, and a game tomorrow night. Will be taking plenty of pictures from the game to post on my shutterfly sight. I should be receiving pictures in the mail today for my daughters' cheer album. Going to be off next week for spring break and plan on completing her dance album. Also have several school events that need done for both her album and her younger sister. I am actually thinking about duplicating every page I do for her dance album because her younger sister danced with her for several years until they went to different genres. And, I'll need to have Abi's book done by this time next year for her graduation so I think I will be doing that.

Friday, March 5, 2010

2 in 2 days - It's a Miracle

Got home last night much later than I anticipated. Girls wanted Olive Garden for dinner and then afterwards "little one" needed new bras and khakis for school. Then, dropped her off to tan while I went to get gas and wash the car. Sat in line for 45 minutes at the carwash! At the little place I go, once you turn a corner you're stuck until you get to the bay. A sign at the corner stated "12 minutes from this point". It lies! It was more like 35 minutes from the sign. I sit and watch the cars in front of me washing, the owner of the wash goes into the bays and starts to wash the bays down. I watched as he sprayed smootch all over a clean car. When I finally got into the bay he came back in and started doing it again. I told him I didn't pay $12 to get my car washed for him to spray smootch all over it. He left the bay.

Anyway, needless to say it was easily 3 hours later than I wanted before I finally hit the scrapbook room. I did this layout and then started looking at my list and realized I needed pictures. Got onto Shutterfly and ordered some prints so I can keep working. I know my last 2 layouts aren't as intricate as I am use to doing but---they're done. I really need to keep it simple if I want to scrap all that I need to by May 22.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What time is is?

Can't wait to leave work. Now that my workspace at home is more organized I want to get home and scrapbook some more. I was so shocked at myself last night that I want to work some more. Plus, the sun is shining and the afternoon sun lights up my scrapbook room and I love being out there then. So, hopefully, I will have something else to post tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Totally Spontaneous

I can't believe it. I was out in my scrapbook room cleaning, organizing, making lists and sorting pictures, when inspiration hit me. I pulled out the pictures found some "royal" paper and laid it out. All told, 15 minutes tops. I still need to put Varsity 2009-2010 on it but couldn't find the shade of orange i was looking for. Want it to look like a basketball of sorts because this is for basketball season. Anyways - I have even put it in her cheer scrapbook. I honestly can't remember the last time I just spontaneously did a page. Pretty cool I think.