Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Catching up

Well, it's been awhile so lets get to it...

Sorry to say, can't remember what I did the top left card for, because of its masculine vibe, I am thinking my husbands birthday.

Right image - I really wanted to use the owl punch from Stampin' Up so I made a few thank you cards. Note to self: make more to have on hand!

Image on left - Daughter #2 wanted some note cards so for Christmas I made her a stack of birthday, thank yous and blanks that were soroity related. Right side - lots and lots of burp cloths and bibs.

Made some Christmas bibs for all the little ones we have. Right side - wreath I made for Daughter #2's front door.

This past summer, I redid the statue of Mary that we have in our garden. Right side is the inside of the card my now son-in-law sent to his groomsmen. The front side is pictured below.

The right side picture is a recipe for Friendship bread in my dad's handwriting. My plan is to have tea towels made for my sisters for Christmas. I didn't get it done for 2015 so hopefully 2016. :)

Left side - Wedding shower card. Right side - Thanksgiving cards from 2015

Left side - My baby was born on Groundhogs day so this is the card she got this year. Right side - two of the cards I made for Siblings Day for my sisters and the lower owl card was for Kiran's first birthday.

Left side - one of our old babysiters was pregnant with twin boys so I made this card for her baby shower. The right side - a birthday card for my youngest sister - who LOVES orange.

Left side -  a birthday card for my brother-in-law and right side some of the St. Patrick Day cards I made.

Left - another St. Patrick's Day card.

Got a Mason jar stamp on clearance and made a couple of Thinking of You cards from them.

I know it isnt paper crafting or sewing, but with the arrival of Little Bear, I actually started making baby food from scratch. Above, my daughter had all of these old baby food containers so I used chalkboard paint to label what they were.

A little untraditional Fathers Day card for my husband - June 2016

I know that there has been other things I've made but just forgot to take pictures of, so there may be another post coming soon with more.  Plus, Husband, Daughter #1 and foster grandbaby are going out of town on Saturday, I'm hoping to get out into the craft room and knock out Halloween  and maybe Thanksgiving (fingers crossed). All I know is, with a baby in the house, that craft room is empty but our hearts are full!!