Friday, November 11, 2011

Still alive and kicking (sort of)

I'm still here, and still creating but have had a rough last 4 weeks.  I had my carpel tunnel surgery done on the 17th. Things went well, so well, that I have scheduled to have the next hand done in January -- can't wait! It makes scrapbooking a little easier which was helpful because on Tuesday, #1 daughter and I had to put an entire scrapbook together from scratch.  My father passed away this past Sunday. It was something we had known was coming, he was in a lot of pain and the last few days were pretty bad. We were actually sitting around him that previous Friday evening looking at pictures and every now and then, I would come across one of him I wanted to scrapbook so I hid them so my mom wouldn't see me taking them. (She doesn't like to give pictures away.) So when he did pass a couple of days later I began to plan what I wanted to do.  I took all the pictures I wanted to use and copied them (so the originals would stay intact) and began planning pages.  Number #1 daughter was so helpful with the book - I know I couldn't have done it without her.  Once it was complete we took it to the funeral home and displayed it for everyone to see.  I'm actually thinking about taking it to Archivers and having the pages copied and made into a book for each one of my sisters for Christmas. When I get the copies, I'll share a few.

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