Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year

Well, Christmas is over and I'm preparing for my next carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand next week.  Let me tell you, it couldn't come any sooner.  The holidays and craft making were at times tough to get through with the pain but I was able to complete all the projects I wanted.

The one I was most proud of, I alluded to in an earlier post. Now that I have given the gifts, I can tell you what I did.  My father passed away in early November. Though all of his grandchildren are fairly well grown now (the "baby" is 16 1/2) I wanted to give my children something to remember him by so, I went and asked my mom for four of my fathers flannel shirts (something he always wore!). She gave them to me and I made pillows out of them (1 for each of my children - see above). They were very easy to make and looked so cute when done.

I told my sisters what I had done, and they wanted me to make one for each of their, I ended up making one for everyone (my 4 kids, 2 nephews and a niece and one each for my sisters). I did not manage to get one made for me, but I have a shirt just waiting for a pillow form. :) Below is a shot of the kids with theirs.

I also was able to complete another project that I've had on my mind for years, but was unable to translate to paper. I made a cookbook for each one of my children that contained recipes that we make often in the family.  The big debate was whether to make the book myself or use a pre-made book and add our own recipes. I finally decided to stop reinventing the wheel and just use a pre-made book with blank cards to add our own recipes to it.  I personalized the recipe cards with paper, stickers, rub-ons etc., and on select recipes included pictures of the item that we had made in the past.

Another item I did was a wedding scrapbook for my son and his new wife. I struggled with the look of the book because their wedding really didn't have a "theme" so I didn't have a clear direction of the way the book should have went. I realize that it was a wedding and that should have been the theme but, it was really a different, very laid back wedding and it was difficult to document. I think they were appreciative of it though.

Another project/gift that I worked on (but didn't get pictures of..ugg) was a collection of greeting cards for my grandmother.  She likes to receive homemade cards and even wanted to make her own Christmas cards this year so, I thought she might like to receive a collection of them to send out.  I made several Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Get Well and Thank You cards. I also included a couple Sympathy cards. I must have done something right because she complained I didn't include a graduation card (my cousin recently graduated from college)! Guess what I'll be making this afternoon!

Number 1 daughter and I also spent quite an amount of time (and money) at Archivers this season and managed to do a couple of their make-and-takes. I wanted to incorporate the Ho-Ho-Ho and Christmas tree tag into a card but never got the chance to do that.

 I still have the thought I might make a few New Years cards for a few friends. I still didn't manage to make any Christmas cards this year. I really need to put that on my schedule for the summer.  Maybe in 2012!  I'll make sure to get pictures of them before mailing them. I might even try to remember to take a camera to grandma's to get pictures of the cards I made (for historic purposes).

Well, that's all I have for right now. I'm sitting in my scrapbook room appreciating how very clean it is. This is something it has not been since Thanksgiving! Also, need to turn my attention to Valentines Day and make something for Daughter 2 and 3's boyfriends.

'til later.  Dee

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