Monday, January 18, 2010

Success...success. I actually made three cards last night and mailed them today! Yeah, today is MLK Day but I still put stamps on them and dropped them in the mail! I wrote a note to my Aunt who hasn't been feeling well, I sent out a thank you and a get well card to a bingo patron. So really, only one from my list but hey - I did it.

Last night when I was working on them, I had to keep telling my self to keep it simple, don't over think things. That has been my problem lately. I will start a project and want just the perfect font, just the perfect embellishments, pictures, etc. I need to step back take a breath and just scrapbook. I was looking back over my husbands book which I did years ago and was still pretty happy with the pages. They were cute, simple and original. I just need to relax when crafting and let it flow.

I might have to paint breathe on my walls. I already have discover, create, dream. Sounds like breathe should be up there too. Maybe along with K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid!).

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