Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wow - haven't visited here in quite awhile. Needless to say, got all the materials ready for Jessica's class but never got around to participating. I'm feeling guilty about that. I had good intentions but let things get away from me. Now that the new year has come and gone (11 days now) I have done alot of reflecting. I am not one for new years resolutions but this year, I want to try it out. I am making a resolution of reaching out to people. I am going to get crafty and make cards to send out to those I have been thinking about. None of this facebook, email stuff but a tangible object they can open up and read. I am sure, that some will think it is a little odd. But I have a number of people in my life that I haven't spoken to in years. I have all the classic excuses children, work, life in general but I really want to take hold of this idea and run with it. I have already begun making a list: Aunt Sharon, Aunt Juanita, Denny and Judy, Steve and Linda, Pat and Joyce. I think of them often, but never tell them. Going to do something about that.

I was also surprised that I had received a couple of comments from others on my blog. It felt good. I really never thought anyone but myself would be reading this and was really using it as a sounding board. Made me think I should become more accountable for myself. Not to display things for others, but to get down and face myself and work on some things.

Random thought: heard a song on the radio yesterday that I hadn't heard in awhile. Made me realize that in that area as well I had slipped (back to listening to The River and The Promise yesterday). anyway, I digress... "Empty me of me Lord so that I may be filled with you." My new mantra I believe....

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