Friday, March 5, 2010

2 in 2 days - It's a Miracle

Got home last night much later than I anticipated. Girls wanted Olive Garden for dinner and then afterwards "little one" needed new bras and khakis for school. Then, dropped her off to tan while I went to get gas and wash the car. Sat in line for 45 minutes at the carwash! At the little place I go, once you turn a corner you're stuck until you get to the bay. A sign at the corner stated "12 minutes from this point". It lies! It was more like 35 minutes from the sign. I sit and watch the cars in front of me washing, the owner of the wash goes into the bays and starts to wash the bays down. I watched as he sprayed smootch all over a clean car. When I finally got into the bay he came back in and started doing it again. I told him I didn't pay $12 to get my car washed for him to spray smootch all over it. He left the bay.

Anyway, needless to say it was easily 3 hours later than I wanted before I finally hit the scrapbook room. I did this layout and then started looking at my list and realized I needed pictures. Got onto Shutterfly and ordered some prints so I can keep working. I know my last 2 layouts aren't as intricate as I am use to doing but---they're done. I really need to keep it simple if I want to scrap all that I need to by May 22.

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