Monday, March 8, 2010

Started the week off scrapbooking (sorta). Taught a class yesterday on squash/explosion books. Had four sign up but one showed up. That's okay - got paid for the 4. Copied the picture of the sample I made from the stores website. It is a cute little book. I've probably made at least 50 of these in the past several years. They make cute little gifts.

Going to be a very busy week. Have a department meeting tonight, and a game tomorrow night. Will be taking plenty of pictures from the game to post on my shutterfly sight. I should be receiving pictures in the mail today for my daughters' cheer album. Going to be off next week for spring break and plan on completing her dance album. Also have several school events that need done for both her album and her younger sister. I am actually thinking about duplicating every page I do for her dance album because her younger sister danced with her for several years until they went to different genres. And, I'll need to have Abi's book done by this time next year for her graduation so I think I will be doing that.

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