Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My how time flies!

I was shocked when I opened my blog to see it had been November when I last posted. How was that possible??? I knew I had been working on things, I have several pages at home that need photographed and posted.

I recently discovered paper flower making! I spend hours creating all these pretty little flowers. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them all but I love the different varieties you can make. I've included some below.  I made sweet williams, pansies, roses, lilies and even a hydrangea bloom.

I have also made several new cards, a thinking of you, a birthday and a thank you card. The thank you card is already in the mail to a sweet man (#3's Godfather) who saw us out to lunch and paid for our meal when he left the restaurant.

One of the pages that I recently completed was for a ball player at the university I work for.  Jim had an amazing feat in one of the last games of the season.  He scored 7 points in 7 seconds! I was really happy for him so I created a page and framed it for him.

#1 daughter and I attended a scrapbook convention in Columbus last weekend and I got to try several make and takes.  Funny enough, I have been searching for instructions on how to make this one particular paper basket and low and behold it was one of the make and takes so we both made one. I think I am going to make a downsized one for Easter. We usually have several colleges students over for dinner and I like to send them home with something. One of the make and takes was for a fabric flower. I really thought it was cute but the stress on my wrists and fingers may prevent me from making any more. It required a needle and thread and by the time I made just one flower, my hands were numb.

As May quickly approaches, I know I am going to be swamped with projects. #4 will be graduating high school this year (the last one!) and I am finishing up her book. She and I recently took a trip to San Francisco for spring break and I am going to do a shutterfly book for her of that trip. I will also be making her graduation announcements very soon and getting them out in the mail. I also am really going to try and get my Christmas cards made this summer and possibly a Thanksgiving card to send out to close family and friends.  I bought all the supplies last fall for Christmas cards and ran out of time trying to get them done. Since I don't work during the summer I am hoping to get them done early. I have also been wanting to make a cookbook for my children and niece as a Christmas present and still haven't gotten that done. Which reminded me that I did an artists paint tray project for my two sisters for Christmas and I forgot to post it. I will get a picture of one of them and post it soon.

I realize as I write this blog I do so as if I am speaking to someone out there in cyber space. But in all actuality, I am probably the only one who reads this as I do not publicize the blog and I really do this so I have a record of everything I make because many of the items that I create, I give away. Until next time....

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