Friday, January 27, 2012

A Creative List

Daughter #1 and I went to a Make-and-Take at a local scrapbook store on Sunday, we each made 4 really cute Valentine cards. I'll have to post pictures tonight or tomorrow. I seriously cleaned my scrapbook room (Really need to start calling it the craft room, don't know the last time I did a scrapbook layout.) I even threw away a school project (3 years old) from daughter #2 that was taking up room. Now, however I need to get creating.  My youngest sister emailed yesterday with the subject line of Bringing back snail mail.  She then asked for the mailing addresses of my children and she is going to mail them a valentines (daughter #1 ignore that last line!). I thought that was a pretty nifty idea, so I am also going to make a valentine card for each of my nephews and niece and send it to them. So my creative list for the weekend needs to include:

  • 2 Valentine cards for nephews
  • 1 Valentine card for niece
  • 1 Birthday card for daughter #3
  • 1 Birthday card for grandmother
  • 1 Hope You're Feeling Better card for co-worker
  • 1 Hope You're Feeling Better for aunt
I found some really pretty Authentique paper at the scrapbook store on Sunday so maybe I will use that to make the birthday and feeling better cards.

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