Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm sure by now, everyone is aware of this tiny little time waster called Pinterest. Speaking for my family of females -- that's a resounding YES!

I have been going through board after board, pinning like crazy for not only Fall/Halloween but now Christmas, and am thinking of hundreds of different things I want to do to my home for the holiday season.

One thing I am trying to learn is how to "pin" something that doesn't have the "Pin It" icon.  I am actually using this blog space as a tester because I found this picture on a website that did not have a pin it option on this picture and I want to recreate this for my home. So this is actually going to be a test. If successful the picture below of Oh Christmas Tree will soon be residing (cyberly) on my Christmas Pin it Board. :) Wish me luck.

Oh and one other cool thing. I actually found something I created pinned on someone's board. How weird was that?  I cruising along in Pinterest and found something I actually created.  Wow!

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