Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wow! It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  I wound up work and headed home.  Hosted a family holiday get-together then prepared for Christmas Eve and another family celebration for Christmas Day! Now that the presents have been handed out, I can post the pictures of some of the things I made for gifts.

The first picture is a chapstick holder you make for your key chain. They are super easy to make and a little fabric goes a long way.  I purchased a 1/2 yard of coordinating fabric and made 10 holders and still have enough fabric to make an additional 10-15 holders.  

My sisters and I gave my mother cash for Christmas, she's celebrating New Years' at a casino so hopefully she can double her present. :) Anyway, since we gave her cash for her birthday in July I needed to make a different presentation for the money and my sister saw this idea on the internet.  It's quite easy to do but the directions aren't exact so if you google it, be aware.    I took a cinnamon stick and green floral wire. After folding the bills accordion style I secured the a 36" piece of wire around the base of the stick and attached the money by criss-crossing the wire in the front and continuing up the stick.

 And finally, below are the necklaces I referred to back in October.  I found a link on Pinterest to a website called Sun and Moon crafts. I was able to get all the supplies and instruction to make these cute necklaces.  Everyone really liked them.  They take a while to make because the glaze has to completely dry before you can finish it.

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