Friday, September 26, 2014


November…that was the last time I posted?? That's crazy. The good news is, that was not the last time I created…just posted. So this post will feature a lot of pictures because for documentation sake, I want to get them posted. I will try to do them in chronological order because it makes sense but, I may mess it up a little depending on where all my photos are stored.

So,  creations since November…aside from spray painting some pumpkins, I don't think I created any new items to add to my fall decorating, but below are the three areas I did decorate in my home.

 Entry way table

Family room mantle

Family room tv console

I did create a new cookie/bar recipe this fall.  My sister was talking about the spice bars from a local bakery that had closed and how much she missed them.  I started fooling around with some pumpkin and spice bar recipes that I had used in the past and came up with one that was really, really close to what I remember from the bakery.

I'll have to find the recipe at home and add it later.

I also came to a very important discover in November.  I missed my paper calendar.  I have my iCal and my Google calendar, but I realized that I used my paper planner for so much more.  I would write down things that had happened or things that I wanted to remember that a computer calendar just couldn't do, so after almost a year of no paper planner, I purchased one.  Needless to say -- I'm happy again. 

I threw together this Christmas card holder using some left over jute from a upholstery job I did and found a wooden star daughter #1 had for some reason.  It didn't look too bad and gave us someplace to put all the cards.

I also managed to get my Christmas cards out before Christmas this year.  I had several left over from last year and added this new one to the mix.

The bad thing about waiting so long to post, I cannot remember who the paper was from.

We had a exceptionally cold and snowy winter here and as a result it seemed our wonderful neighbors were always plowing our driveway for us.

We were forecasted to receive quite a snowfall on a Saturday, so I stopped by the store on the way home Friday night to pick up supplies for the weekend and they had blackberries for $1.00 a carton so I picked up several.  That next morning as promised, we had 18" of snowfall and our neighbors had their work cut out for them.  As a thank you, I made this blackberry buckle and delivered it to them nice and hot.  

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