Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Family's Holiday Values

The values I grew up with are so totally different than the ones I hold now. Growing up it was all about presents. I'm sure I knew about baby Jesus being born but I am equally sure I did not know what that represented to mankind.

I like to think that my husband and I put Christ back into Christmas for our children. We always made it a point to do for others at Christmas and include the children in this as well. Their classes at school would adopt a family and money would be collected and presents bought for this family. We would take "mittens" off the tree at church and replace them with real socks and mittens for children that needed them. We even spent Christmas Day at an shelter serving food to the homeless. And as always, Christmas Eve was spent at church. I still like that. Christmas Eve the family goes to church. I wish I could say the whole family but, unfortunately my son no longer believes and doesn't attend with us. He has new girl in his life who does believe. Maybe this year if we ask him, they will both attend. Certainly worth a try.

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