Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Okay - so I haven't even read the assignment for today. Been so far behind. Had to take my mom to the hospital today for outpatient surgery. The surgeon was running 4 hours behind so instead of having surgery at 10:30 a.m. surgery finally took place at 2:30. Everything went well but she has to stay the night. That introduced a whole new set of complications because that meant my father was going to have to stay at home alone all night. NOT a good idea. I called my mom's brother to come and stay with him -- don't necessarily think that was the best option, but I am afraid to stay over and my husband can't because of work. I just tried to call my dad and see how things were but he has somehow recorded over the message on their answering machine and all you hear is him fumbling with the phone and cursing at my uncle. Oh boy - another thing to add to my list for tomorrow. Record a new message for my parents tomorrow. My uncle just called from the hospital, they can't find my mothers glasses or clothes she came in with. Oh boy. Better stop by their house tomorrow and pick up a change of clothes for her to come home in.

So as you can see, I am a little burnt out right now. Too tired to think. I did manage to purchase a scrapbook for my daughter tonight. A project I have spent the last 5 months on will be wrapping up soon. My daughter is a varsity cheerleader and our football awards is Sunday evening. All seniors (my daughter included) will be called to the floor and their parents will go down and give them a scrapbook of their "year". Because she is a cheerleader, I actually included not just senior year but all four years of high school. It ended up being 57 pages. I will continue it through basketball season to include her entire senior year. Our boys team is suppose to do fairly well this season, so I may be looking at another 8-10 pages. We'll have to see how things pan out. I'm really quite pleased with it thus far. I have one page to complete before Sunday night and it is actually a page that will contain a shutterfly photo book i did for Senior Week. I knew that to cover all the events of senior week it would take another 7-8 pages so I made a cute little 6x8 book that included all the events and a few special messages for her. It's really quite darling, I just need to create a page to include the book....hmmmm. Need to think on this. Well, until tomorrow.

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